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  • Jinx  v.NewJinx is a handy Java library designed to wrap the Flickr REST API. This list shows which API entry points have been implemented: · activity · auth · blogs · collections · commons · contacts · ...
  • MySpace DA API PHP  v.1.0MySpace has a REST API thats available which allow developers to develop applications against the MySpace data. This is the php library that will allow you to access this information.
  • Amazon S3 upload applet  v.1.0This applet allows to upload files and folders to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket. It support S3 REST API, MD5 digest, ACL and large uploads. It is built on the top jClientUpload ...
  • WinStrom FlexiBee for Mac OS  v.10.8Czech and Slovak book-keeping software with support for: - multiplatform (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux) - remote access - mobile support (Iphone, Android, …) - Czech, Slovak, English, Germany - REST API for programmers ...
  • SrsUrlApi  v.0.6A client library to access the REST API provided by the Sequence Retrieval System ...
  • Zanata  v.1.5.0Zanata is a web-based system for translators to translate documentation and software online using a web-browser. It is written in Java and uses modern web technologies like JBoss, Seam, GWT, Hibernate. It exposes a REST API for external integrations.
  • QSUSEStudio  v.1.0A Qt/C++ wrapper library around the SUSE Studio REST API.
  • XDB3-DARC  v.1.0REST API for XML and HTML schema-less query and recomposition.
  • SaaSpose.NET  v.1.0This is a .NET wrapper for the free public REST API for document automation, provided by The .NET SDK makes it easier for developers to use the API by providing a .NET assembly on top of the HTTP-based interface ...
  • JiraDataExporter  v.1.0Use JIRA's REST API to sync issues, worklogs, projects etc into SQL tables, enabling you to point your favourite BI tool at the data. I highly recommend Tableau (
  • Fixx-track  v.1.0Time logging widget that hooks into hedgehog lab's issue tracker, fixx.The widget was initially developed to test aspects of the fixx rest api.
  • Rtm4java  v.1.0A domain-driven Java API that is wrapping's REST API ...
  • MyJPI  v.1.0The myExperiment Java API (myJPI) is an open-source project which aims to provide a thin Java wrapper around the myExperiment REST API.
  • MantisREST  v.1.0A REST API for the bug tracking software Mantis (
  • RESTful Django Models  v.0.5Map models in your Django application to XML from an external REST api. Developed to enable building a Django application that sourced some of its data from a Java REST service that supplies XML.
  • Pyxnat  v.0.9.3pyxnat is a simple python library that relies on the REST API provided by the XNAT platform since its 1.
  • Django-dynamicresponse  v.0.3.0django-dynamicresponse is a lightweight framework for easily providing REST API's for Django applications.
  • Django-reroute  v.1.1.1django-reroute is a set of tools for simplifying your views, especially when you're implementing a REST API.
  • Python-socialtext  v.0.1 Alpha 2This is a client for Socialtext's ReST API.
  • Python-rhev  v.1.0 RC1.12Python-RHEV is a Python binding to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization's REST API.
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